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Credit card payment is required in advance by PayPal (no account required).

All deliveries are insured.

If you think your package will require a vehicle larger than a standard size sedan, please choose a pick up or box truck. Include weight and dimensions into the “Items To Deliver And Additional Information” field. If the item/items are large, please make arrangements to have the item/items loaded and unloaded. (i.e forklift)

Please submit all deliveries addressed to a business by 2PM. Orders submitted after 2PM are not guaranteed to make it by 5PM or close of business. If you do submit a request after 2PM please choose the priority option.

If there is no answer at the pick up address you will be charged for the cost of the delivery and a return fee. If a courier has picked up an item and there is no answer at the drop off location and we can not reach the recipient, you will be charged $20 per day to store the item. $10 surcharge for a purchase request or to stand in line for something. $25 per hour for labor. There will be an additional surcharge of $20 for requests made after/before business hours (If a driver is available). Prices provided to everyday clients are subject to change, please review your invoice.

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