ChiShip is committed to the safety of our drivers and the public they serve. Here are some helpful tips to make your stops more safe.

If anything looks or feels wrong to you, don’t make the delivery. Trust your instincts. Call the dispatcher to let them know it feels unsafe there, and either return to the store, or have someone meet you.
James Heneghan
Use the buddy system in notoriously unsafe areas.
James Heneghan
Park your vehicle as close to the door as possible, and under a streetlight. Avoid parking in dark or isolated areas.
James Heneghan
Lock the vehicle and carry your keys. Never leave your vehicle unattended and running.
James Heneghan
Never walk behind a dark building or down a dark pathway.
James Heneghan
If anyone approaches you, keep them at least an arm’s length distance away.
James Heneghan
If someone robs you, stay calm and do what they tell you to do. Don’t get inside a vehicle with them if you can help it, and always assume they are armed. Try to remember helpful facts, like what the suspect and vehicle looked like, the plate number and the direction of travel. Lock yourself in your vehicle and call 9-1-1 as soon as you safely can.

James Heneghan
– Know or test the object weight.
– Use ergonomic lift assists when possible.
– Plan the lift and clear your path.
– Get help for heavy or awkward loads.
– Keep the object in the power zone.
– Use a wide stance for balance.
– Use your legs to lift.
– Pivot your feet to avoid twisting.
Lifting Safety Do's - James Heneghan
– Hold your breath.
– Bend or twist at the waist.
– Use a partial grip (1-2 fingers).
– Obstruct your vision when carrying.
– Jerk or lift quickly.
– Pinch you fingers or toes.
– Pull a load if you can push it.
– Forget to wear proper PPE.
Lifting Safety Dont's - James Heneghan
– Make sure all of your required documents are valid, this includes your drivers license and insurance
– Make sure all lights and signals are working – Make sure all mirrors are properly aligned
– Put on seat belt
– Enter delivery destination in GPS prior to leaving, never operate your GPS while the vehicle is in motion
– Do not talk on the phone or text while driving
– Enter Delivery information in between stops, not while driving
– Leave plenty of room while following behind vehicles
– Do not speed or drive recklessly
– Use your turn signal while making turns or making lane changes
– Check your blind spot before changing lanes
– Abide by all posted signs
– No delivery is worth your life, take your time and drive safely
Driver Safety Tips - James Heneghan